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The Best Pool Skimmer Baskets

If you’re looking for the best pool skimmer basket on the market today we must inform you that every pool skimmer basket is unique to every pool skimmer.  Meaning not all skimmer baskets fit the same. Some might be too wide, some might be too tall, some might be too short, they are all different shapes and sizes depending on the pool skimmer you have installed.

Match up Your Skimmer Basket to Your Skimmer

Let’s say you have a Hayward pool skimmer, model number SP1082, SP1083, SP1084, SP1085, or SP1086. You will need to purchase the correct basket that fits these skimmer models. In this case, the correct pool skimmer basket would be the Hayward SPX1082CA or the aftermarket version B-152.

You can not purchase the Hayward skimmer basket SPX1094FA and expect it to work in your Hayward SP1082 skimmer because this skimmer basket is about three inches to short, three inches to narrow and has a tapered bottom. It’s the wrong skimmer basket or the wrong skimmer.

Finding Skimmer Part Numbers

If you’re unsure about which pool skimmer basket to purchase a good rule of thumb is to look on the existing skimmer basket for a part number. These part numbers will be located on the lip of the basket or on the bottom side. Once you have located the part number you can do a simple search online and purchase the correct skimmer basket for your skimmer.

If your skimmer basket has no part numbers try looking on the underside of the pool skimmer lid. The pool skimmer lid will have a part number that will align with the correct skimmer installed on your pool. Once you know what skimmer model is installed you can easily locate the correct skimmer basket.

Don’t Guess

Again, each skimmer basket and lid ONLY align with the skimmer installed. You simply can not purchase a random skimmer basket and hope that it works. You might get lucky but nine times out of ten, you will be wrong so it’s best to match up your skimmer basket with your pool skimmer.

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